Company Information

We carry great variety of own-design fun products and also capable to manufacture products according to the provided specification.

Our Factory's line of quality ceramic/plastic products,  Money bank is one of major products, which ranged from the classic piggy bank to the oversized Big Belly Banks, sports type banks, and trendy-designed Coin banks. Some items are available blank and hand painted. Once personalized all of these banks make unique gifts to be treasured by boys and girls of all ages.

Moreover, we are also a professional and experienced manufacturer for ceramic aquarium decorations that is one of our product lines. The aquarium decorations are produced by nature ceramic material. They are not only shaped as natural stone, they were also made as figurine to decorate your fish tank. This decoration could be designed to make hollows as shelter, hiding spots and spawning site for fish. We also welcome custom orders based on drawings or samples supplied by clients. We eager to work with customers as the OEM and ODM partner.

In addition, our company also offers high-quality products and perfect technological solutions and support, we have become a reliable partner of many customers. We are now introducing mobile phone accessories, Bluetooth speaker series, Lamp and more. We have also offered a large amount of OEM/ODM services for domestic and foreign clients. We give all support to meet different customers' requirements. Aiming to create the most competitive brand in electronics.
In addition, the party candle is one of traditional product series.   We are providing different kinds of candles, which have party candles, elegant and stylish candle, seasonal candle, floating candle. They have different kinds for special collections with trending fragrances. With the superior quality and competitive prices, our candles mainly export to Europe, America and many other countries. OEM is welcomed.